The Internet Loves the Miley Pug


Miley may very well be the most famous person in America at this specific moment in time, but we had not found much reason to mention her name here at the blog. That is, at least not before meeting Tottie, the adorable pug dressed as the wrecking ball from Miley’s attention-grabbing video.

Using a bit of grey fabric, fiberfill, chain, and a naked Barbie doll, Tottie’s owner, McKenna Ihde (whose robust social media presence can be explored via her PeekYou profile here), miraculously transformed her pooch into a living, breathing homage to one of 2013’s iconic images.

McKenna and Tottie are in the running for a $25,000 prize for this creation. Voting closes on Sunday, October 27, so click on through to the contest page here now and vote away. You know they deserve it.