The unconventional QBs ex-Giants draft guru would target

The unconventional QBs ex-Giants draft guru would target
The unconventional QBs ex-Giants draft guru would target
Lamar Jackson; Baker Mayfield

Let us get one thing straight right away: Marc Ross no longer has any say whatsoever with the Giants. He ran the NFL draft preparation for the Giants for more than a decade but was fired on Dec. 31, one of the first moves made by new general manager, Dave Gettleman.

All season, though, Ross scouted college players for the Giants as their vice president of player evaluation and, once the losses piled up, Ross was instructed by former general manager Jerry Reese to pay attention to the quarterback prospects. If he was still with the Giants and involved in the decision-making process, it sure sounds as if he would be endorsing Baker Mayfield as worthy of the No. 2 overall pick.

It also sounds like he would have advised the Giants to stay away from Josh Rosen and Josh Allen and take a look at Sam Darnold.

“Baker’s my favorite guy of these guys,’’ Ross said Thursday during a studio appearance on ESPN. “To me, he has it. When you look at the franchise winning quarterbacks in the NFL, the things that Baker does, he’s a winner, he’s super productive, he dominated at the highest level, not just in his conference, against Georgia and Ohio State with tons of NFL players on the defense. He has a great command, great poise and great feel.

“I would take my shot with Baker, a guy who’s done it at the highest level.’’

The concerns with Mayfield, the Heisman Trophy winner from Oklahoma, are his size (he’s only 6 feet tall) and his temperament – see the crotch-grabbing antics for details.

“I think it’s been proven height is not a direct correlation with being a good NFL quarterback,’’ Ross said. “Of course there are exceptions, the Russell Wilsons, the Drew Breeses of the…