The Top 10 Horror Directors, According to PeekScore

Night of the Living Dead
With Halloween having finally arrived – and the young people’s attentions turning to thoughts of ghoulies, goblins, black vans, and Whatchamacallits – we figured the time was prime for a PeekScore list of this nature.

We here at the blog are big fans of horror films, and all manner of “feel bad” cinema. With the season already calling for it, we’ve decided to marry this love of deliberately unpleasant films — and those who spend their days creating them — to our livelihoods, and see who, of the vast many living horror directors lurking around cyberspace, are the most influential and “impactful” on the Web.

We are not comparing their skills as filmmakers, nor are we even commenting on their fame in the world at large. This is an assessment and comparison, solely, of the “digital footprints” of these men, and how present and prominent they each are here in cyberspace.

Note: If there are any directors not included below, but about whose PeekScores you’re curious, you can either search for them on PeekYou yourself, or let us know in the comments.

Rank Picture Name Flicks PeekScore

Eli Roth Cabin Fever, Hostel, The Green Inferno 8.75 / 10.00

Rob Zombie The Devil’s Rejects, The Lords of Salem 8.52 / 10.00

Wes Craven Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes 8.51 / 10.00

David Cronenberg Rabid, The Brood, Scanners 8.40 / 10.00

John Carpenter Halloween, The Thing 8.30 / 10.00

George Romero Dawn of the Dead, Martin 8.29 / 10.00

Dario Argento Profondo Rosso, Suspiria 8.21 / 10.00

Roger Corman Tomb of Ligeia, The Masque of the Red Death 8.21 / 10.00

Takashi Miike Audition, Ichi the Killer 8.15 / 10.00

James Wan Saw, Insidious, The Conjuring 8.09 / 10.00