The PeekScores of the Stars of Super Bowl XLVIII’s Commercials

Scarlett in Banned Soda Stream Ad
As is now just accepted as cultural fact, often the biggest names associated with a given year’s Super Bowl would have little to offer on even the gentlest gridiron.

We’re speaking, of course, of the Hollywood softies who can be found not tackling and catching, and running about, and all that butch stuff, but instead concerning themselves with the considerably less bruising business of starring in the game’s much ballyhooed and pored over TV ads.

With an advertising rate of $15 Billion per second (perhaps we should look that up to be certain), and every second sold at least ten full years in advance of the game (again, we should probably check on that), it’s obvious that companies believe the event is an extraordinary opportunity for brand and/or product exposure.

Heck, we’re talking about ’em, and if that ain’t return on investment, we’re not sure what is.

Earlier in the week we wrote in here of the cast of Full House reuniting for a Dannon Oikos yogurt ad to run during Super Bowl XLVIII (an occasion which has been getting a huge amount of attention) — and you can read that entry again, or for the first time, here — but below we throw them in with the additional notable names, at this point, known to be appearing in some of the game’s other commercials; including those that have been banned. Names that will be on the lips and tweets of many over the next few days.

(You can check out the full lot of these ads at Shape Magazine‘s site here.)

Of course, as we do here, we’ve ranked these fine celebs not by their selling power, their talent, their wealth, their looks, nor even their fame in the world at large, but by their PeekScores; our metric for assessing cyberspace prominence, impact, presence, and influence.

Rank Picture Name Pitching For Current PeekScore

Ellen Degeneres Beats Music 10.00 / 10.00

David Beckham H&M 10.00 / 10.00

Dr. Dre Beats By Dre 10.00 / 10.00

Scarlett Johansson Soda Stream 9.75 / 10.00

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bud Light 9.47 / 10.00

James Franco Ford 9.43 / 10.00

Danica Patrick Go Daddy 9.08 / 10.00

Stephen Colbert Wonderful Pistachios 8.80 / 10.00

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting Priceline 8.77 / 10.00

Don Cheadle
Bud Light 8.68 / 10.00

Laurence Fishburne
Kia 8.63 / 10.00

U2 (avg. PeekScore) (RED) 8.50 / 10.00

Sarah McLachlan Audi 8.44 / 10.00

Tom Hiddleston Jaguar 8.39 / 10.00

John C. Reilly Turbo Tax 8.39 / 10.00

Sir Ben Kingsley Jaguar 8.30 / 10.00

The Cast of Full House (avg. PeekScore) Dannon Oikos 8.23 / 10.00

Terry Crews Toyota 8.18 / 10.00

Mark Strong Jaguar 8.08 / 10.00

Johnny Galecki Hyundai 8.03 / 10.00

Reggie Watts
Bud Light 7.72 / 10.00