The Digital Footprints of the Cast of Full House

Stamos and Olsen Twins
One source of Internet hubbub today is the news — as reported here by Time — that the cast of 90s family sitcom, Full House, will be reuniting for a Super Bowl ad.

Seizing upon this buzz, it seemed a fine time for a bit of a “where are they on the Internet now?” style PeekScore list.

Some have gone on to build mini media and fashion empires, and some have found religion. Some have gone on to have careers on the Broadway stage, and some have found sobriety. Some have, or at least one has, even been revealed (as long suspected) to have inspired the vitriol behind a massive 90s hit record. But how are they faring in the area of Internet prominence, influence, and impact? Well, why don’t you read the list below and find out?

Rank Picture Name Character PeekScore

Mary-Kate Olsen Michelle Tanner 9.12 / 10.00

Ashley Olsen Michelle Tanner 9.05 / 10.00

John Stamos Jesse Katsopolis 8.53 / 10.00

Bob Saget Danny Tanner 8.51 / 10.00

Lori Loughlin Becky Katsopolis 8.30 / 10.00

Jodie Sweetin Stephanie Tanner 8.21 / 10.00

Dave Coulier Joey Gladstone 7.90 / 10.00

Candace Cameron Bure D.J. Tanner 7.27 / 10.00

Andrea Barber Kimmy Gibbler 7.17 / 10