Olrando Bloom vs. Justin Bieber

Bieber Gomez Bloom Kerr
Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom apparently got into a bit of a skirmish, late-Tuesday/early-Wendesday, at the Cipriani restaurant in Ibiza, Spain.

TMZ reports that Biebes split soon after the fleeting melee, which allegedly found Bloom taking a swing at the adorable idiot.

We don’t do celebrity gossip, really, so bear with our hasty summary of things.

Apparently, or so goes the scuttlebutt, at some point Bieber had some manner of relations with Bloom’s ex-wife, Miranda Kerr. In turn, to weave a more tangled web of celebrity nonsense, Bloom is said to have been chummy with Bieber’s longtime, on-again/off-again something-or-other, Selena Gomez.

Now as Bieber and entourage passed Bloom’s table, the actor is said to have refused a handshake with Bieber, which prompted the bratty tenor to crack rude about Bloom’s ex. From there, superstar chaos ensued.

Which leads us here.

After leaving, Bieber took to our beloved Web to continue with his provocations, as documented by Page Six here. We feel, however, that we’ve already dedicated more than enough space to this.

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The video below shows only the tail-end of the altercation.