The New PeekYou Mobile App

PeekYou Mobile Screenshots
Back during the summer of 2014 we quietly released a vastly refurbished version of our PeekYou app for iOS, rather dramatically improving our presence on the mobile Web; making our free people search capabilities accessible to those on the go like never before.

Response has been terrific without our even actively promoting the app yet, but we thought we’d take a moment here to bring it to the attention of you readers of the blog.

The notion of a PeekYou mobile app sort of explains itself we know, but basically now wherever you go you can bring the millions of searchable people PeekYou has indexed with you.

With its refined user interface and enhanced performance the app could not be easier to use. Simply, you enter a name (and a location if you’d like to narrow your search down) and you are quickly provided with links to the PeekYou profiles of those who share the name you’re seeking; as well as a vast array of social media and other results from the live, public Web.

PeekYou Mobile Search results
In addition to the rich variety of web links is a scrolling, robust gallery of related images:

PeekYou Mobile Profile
From these search results you can quickly navigate to the specific PeekYou profile of the individual you’re seeking:

PeekYou Mobile Profile
The PeekYou profile, as always, provides an easily navigated roadmap to the individual’s “digital footprint.” There you’ll find links to social pages, home pages, blogs, news articles, photos, videos, and much more.

PeekYou has long made it our mission to highlight the individuals who make the Web live and breathe. With our powerful search technology now sitting in your pocket, those people will never be more than a couple of thumb clicks away.

Head on over to iTunes (clicking this highlighted text here) and give the free app a try, and be sure to let us know what you think.