The Living U.S. First Ladies and Their PeekScores

Hillary and Michelle
Our current First Lady is a Harvard Law School educated attorney, and our last Secretary of State had previously been a First Lady for 8 years, and is currently regarded as a front-runner for her party’s nomination for president in 2016.

The exceptional women featured in this entry have accomplished a great deal more in their lives than merely marrying powerful men.

Living First Ladies
While acknowledging their many accomplishments, however, what the six women listed below have in common is that they were each the First Lady of the United States at one time or another.

First Ladies on Time and Newsweek

What we’re doing here with them is what we always do, which is seeing how they measure and stack up when comparing their PeekScores; PeekYou’s metric for assessing, at-a-glance, the scope of an individual’s online presence, impact, activity, and influence.

Clicking through on the items in the list below will lead you to the corresponding First Lady’s PeekYou profile, from where you can explore the best of what the Web has to offer of her life and work.

Rank Picture Name Years Spent as First Lady PeekScore

Hillary Clinton 1993 – 2001 10.00 / 10.00

Michelle Obama 2009 – Present 9.96 / 10.00

Laura Bush 2001 – 2009 8.19 / 10.00

Barbara Bush 1989 – 1993 8.01 / 10.00

Nancy Reagan 1981 – 1989 7.91 / 10.00

Rosalynn Carter 1977 – 1981 7.22 / 10.00