Swimming in a Gown?! The Most Mariah Carey Moments from Mariah’s World

Mariah Carey‘s world is just a sweet, sweet fantasy, baby.

The singer’s new reality series Mariah’s World premiered Sunday on E! and it was full of amazing moments that only The Elusive Chanteuse could get away with.

Bianca Storm returns!

Recording artists have been known to adopt alter egos from time to time — remember Chris Gaines? No? Just us then — but none of them compare to the brunette diva Carey played (and battled) in her 1999 music video for “Heartbreaker.”

Carey once again puts on the persona of her “arch nemesis” to introduce the series.

“I can’t describe Maria because I think she’s done well enough on her own,” Bianca says, intentionally using the wrong name for Carey. “The world doesn’t know how awful she really is.”

Only Carey could get away with something so perfectly ridiculous.

Swimming in diamonds — and a gown!

“Well, at least I wasn’t wearing heels,” Carey says after slipping on the stairs and letting out a yelp. “That’s what I do when I’m about to fall, I just scream into a high note.”

After recovering from her misstep, Carey announces she’s going to “have a splash.”

“Oh, the agony! I’m on a yacht and I have to go on a swing in diamonds and a dress,” she muses before being pushed off the edge of her boat in Capri, Italy. “Whatever, this is…