Reddit Makes the Leap to Mobile with New AMA App

Bill Murray on Reddit
The massively popular social news aggregator, Reddit, has just launched an app they hope will finally find them making a dent in the mobile sphere as profound as the one they’ve made in the desktop-based Web.

The app is specifically for Reddit‘s popular “Ask Me Anything” series, where various notables — ranging from President Obama to Bill Murray to the NASA engineers behind the Mars Rover — open themselves up to a Q&A courtesy of the Reddit community.

The app will provide a library of Q&As to scroll through, and the ability to share it all via email, text, and various social platforms.

As the below composite — courtesy of Mashable — shows, the app is much more sightly than the Reddit website itself. It’s also said to be more intuitive than the rather decidedly and simultaneously unadorned AND cluttered navigation of the Reddit homepage.

With what they say are 114 million unique visitors per month, Reddit is easily one of the most visited sites on the Web. But yet, they’ve not made much of a mark at mobile, having made one failed attempt in 2011. By capitalizing on the AMA Q&As — one of the site’s most popular and easily understood facets — they could finally change that.

The app is currently available for iOS via the iTunes app store, and will be coming soon to Android.

While truly “the front page of the Internet” for a huge number of folks, Reddit is confusing as heck to many first time visitors. Mashable provides this useful primer below.