Overkill tarnishes ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ — movie review

Overkill tarnishes ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ — movie review

The espionage flick “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” needed some old-fashioned, James Bond-style ejection seats.

Not to help the spies on screen, but for audience members to propel themselves out of the theater before the uneven, nearly 2 ½-hour movie called it a day.

Unfortunately, overkill is the order of the day — and it takes a toll. There are too many supporting characters, too much exposition, too many gadgets, too many “Matrix”-inspired, slow-motion fight sequences, too many plot holes instead of twists and too ham-handed a political message about the war on drugs.

Oh, and too many Oscar winners — Julianne Moore, Colin Firth, Halle Berry and Jeff Bridges — giving mostly Razzie-worthy performances.

Taron Egerton has shed his irresistible fish-out-of-water in “Kingsman: The Golden Circle.”

The excess is understandable. After “The Kingsman: Secret Service,” director Matthew Vaughn works overtime to one-up that 2014 hit. But in doing so, he and writing partner Jane Goldman have lost what made the first movie appealing — a…