NXT proves why it’s better than WWE’s main roster with TakeOver: Chicago

NXT proves why it’s better than WWE’s main roster with TakeOver: Chicago
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CHICAGO — Wrestling is like most forms of entertainment: It’s a way for people to not think about what is going on in life and be taken on a journey for a few hours.

NXT is the prime of that example in today’s WWE.

As WWE’s developmental “brand,” NXT is designed to give neophyte wrestlers or experienced talent from around the world the opportunity to — literally and figuratively — learn the WWE ropes.

The general consensus among wrestling fans is that the NXT TakeOver shows have been better than the WWE’s main roster pay-per-view counterparts since their inception in 2014.

Saturday’s NXT TakeOver: Chicago card wasn’t the best on paper, and there was little to really get hyped for. But as they proven time and time again, TakeOver was a show to remember and solidified why NXT is better than the WWE main roster shows.

Too often on “Raw” and “SmackDown”, storylines are often not given enough time to have a conclusion. Oftentimes matches aren’t allowed to build to get the fans excited to give them a reason to get emotionally invested.

Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne for WWE United Kingdom Championship, and the NXT Tag Team Championship ladder match between DIY and Authors of Pain are prime examples of this. Both matches were given the time to tell a story and build. Both delivered. The Allstate Arena felt the magic and was shaking, as fans were constantly on their feet in anticipation of what was going to happen next.

That should be the goal of WWE’s main roster and shows. You shouldn’t be able to predict what happens next. Too often on the main roster shows, fans can sit there and guess results and angles. It isn’t fun, and part of the reason ratings…