Music Festival Photography Tips & Preparation

Music Festival Photography Tips & Preparation

Shooting a music festival can be a chaotic experience, especially if you’re not prepared. You need the right gear, the right planning, and above all, permission to even step into the arena. In this video, photographer Ruth Medjber shares some vital points that have helped her cover hundreds of festivals over a career spanning 15 years:

Press Accreditation

No amount of preparation and planning will let you through the gates unless you’ve secured your press accreditation with the organizers of the festival. If you don’t have a pass, you’ll be turned away—no exceptions!

The best option is to have a printed copy of the email confirmation on hand or to show the email correspondence on your phone to prove that you’re picking up a pass and that you have every right to be at the venue with your gear.


choosing gear for an event

That brings us to the next important aspect: gear. Don’t be too choosy about which camera to take. Just use what you have. What you should do, however, is bring in a second body if you have one.


Spare batteries are essential. The last thing you want is to run out of juice just when the festival is getting warmed up.

photographing a music festival

Memory Cards

Memory cards are as important as spare batteries. If you love to leave your camera on continuous high mode, you need as many memory cards as you can get. Make sure that the memory cards have a fast write speed.

preparing for photographing a music festival

Write speed…