Kimmel and Miley had some Laughs on TV Last Night, but will you Laugh When You see what They got up to?

Kimmel and Hansen
A couple of Septembers back a popular teen singing star –known for a Disney sitcom on which she starred with her daddy — danced around in a swimsuit while making a funny face. Nothing more, really.

But she did this during the night of a certain MTV broadcast, and at the apparent right moment in human history, as the world split right the heck open in response. She instantaneously became one of the most famous people in America (truly, quite a feat). Something she, Ms. Miley Cyrus, confidently remains to this day.

While the kinder, gentler Jimmy Kimmel may not be above getting choked up over a slaughtered lion now and again, he’s still also not above a good prank. What Jimmy and the recovered Ms. Montana had in store for America on Wednesday was pretty danged amusing indeed.

Cyrus, as we say, being pretty much universally recognizable at this point took to the streets in disguise. Her role for the evening? An Australian accented, undercover news reporter for I Witness News.

Her objective for the night was to get the full dope on what we yanks think of, well, Ms. Miley Cyrus herself.

Admirably maintaining her accent and with her sense of humor unshaken, Miley came off like a champ. One interviewee blasted the whole Cyrus clan, but then thoughtfully added “I think she’s starving for attention and that’s why she’s doing it all crazy like that. She’s missing something somewhere.”

“In her heart, probably,” the Australian-accented Cyrus completed, never breaking character. “In her deep soul.”

Cyrus, will be hosting the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday, so her name will be kicking around more than usual for the next few days.

Endure or enjoy, we we swear we won’t keep blogging about her (probably).