Jeter Does it His Way in New Gatorade Ad

Derek Jeter
Legendary New York Yankees shortstop and future Hall of Famer, Derek Jeter, is nearing the end of his farewell season.

Delicious electrolyte-restorer, Gatorade, has become the latest advertiser to piggyback on the rapidly approaching retirement of the baseball superstar. Their brand-new, 90-second spot, called “Made in New York,” shows us the Yankee great as he peruses the streets of Yankee Stadium’s South Bronx home; stopping and thanking surprised fans.

All of this unfolds to a soundtrack of one Mr. Frank Sinatra singing “My Way”; suggesting that the Captain, of course, did it his way.

As even many Yankee-haters — who, as you may know, are legion — respect Jeter, many viewers are bound to get a bit choked up. Be warned, though, it is insanely mawkish and sentimental, as it kind of must be. If you hate Jeter, this will do nothing to change your mind.

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