‘#InTheLab w @ArthurKade’ Speaks with the Stars of ’The Wolf of Wall Street’

Leo Marty Jonah
The Oscars ceremony is just a few days away, on March 2, and we’ve got more internetty fun-stuff to tie in with the hype; again, courtesy of our buddies over at TheLabNYC.

This time we’re featuring director Martin Scorsese’s (PeekYou profile here) Best Picture nominated film, The Wolf of Wall Street (for the cast of which, we have a PeekScore list here).

As before, Arthur Kade (PeekYou profile here), as part of his ongoing #InTheLab w @ArthurKade series, managed to speak with the film’s two main actors; both of whom are up for Oscars.

The flick, based on former stockbroker and current motivational speaker, Jordan Belfort’s memoir of the same name, chronicles the the rise, fall, and appalling decadence of the early-90s, “pump and dump,” penny stock, “boiler room” firm Stratton Oakmont.

Be sure to check out the clips below, and then head on over to the corresponding actor’s PeekYou profile for more of the many vids and pics and what-have-you that the Web will have to offer regarding him.

First, Arthur speaks with bona fide superstar, and Best Actor nominee, Leonardo DiCaprio (PeekYou profile here):



Then, we have Arthur sharing a few words with Best Supporting Actor nominee (his second time up for the award), Jonah Hill (PeekYou profile here):