Franco Shows Fallon How to Shoot the Perfect Selfie

Fallon and Franco
On Monday night’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy’s lead guest was handsome, smart-aleck polymath James Franco.

James just this week concluded a successful Broadway engagement in a critically acclaimed production of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. During the show’s run, Instagram and Twitter found themselves on a daily basis graced with images featuring Franco and his fans out by the theater’s stage door.

As was pointed out by Fallon, these photos stand out from your average fan-selfie for the haunting, Unabomberish appearance — with hat, shades, and stoic, almost emotionless expression — Franco nearly unfailingly adopted for each one.

In the clip below, Franco walks Jimmy through the tricks of the fan-selfie trade, illustrating some of the potential pitfalls and failures one might encounter in their quest for the perfect digitally preserved brush with celebrity.

Here’s the clip for your viewing pleasure, and visits to James’ and Jimmy’s PeekYou profiles — which you can access by clicking their highlighted names above — will lead you to countless additional clips, as well as social pages, interviews, articles, fan pages, think pieces, and much more.