Fallon, Chris Christie, and ‘The Evolution of Dad Dancing’

Fallon and Christie
On Thursday night’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy (PeekYou profile here) had the controversial 55th governor of the great Garden State, Chris Christie (PeekYou profile here), on the show.

In honor of Father’s Day, the currently somewhat slimmed-down governor joined Jimmy for a variation on the Evolution of Dance routines that Jimmy likes to periodically put on for the nice people at home.

We’re sure this appearance will infuriate some and amuse others (particularly the bit where Christie allows himself to be subjected to a Bridgegate gag); or perhaps like us, you’re a bit ambivalent to the whole thing. But whatever your reaction, Governor Christie’s PeekYou profile will lead you to an enormous array of links, to social pages, videos, photos, articles, op eds, speeches, think-pieces, interviews, and even further comedy bits.

Here’s the clip: