Chelsea Handler Bids Farewell to E! in Spectacular Fashion

Luis Suárez
So that she might pursue a potentially groundbreaking career with Netflix starting next year, Chelsea Handler bid farewell to her late-night E! talk show, Chelsea Lately, with a star-studded finale on Tuesday night.

Describing the series’ run as “seven years of ridiculous stupidity,” she took a moment to congratulate her dedication; “I’m very impressed with myself. The only other place I spent seven years in one place was high school.”

“I’ve made great friends, a lot of enemies, and I have personally lost and gained 3,500 pounds.”

Reprising the recurring bit where Handler showers with various celebrities, she found herself on this final occasion nude and wet before a completely clothed Ellen Degeneres; angry that Chelsea had never invited her on the show.

As the show wore on, Sandra Bullock, Mary McCormack, and Jennifer Aniston popped in for an intervention (which you can see below). Bullock chided the host, “You’re not funny. You’re not cool. I think you’re probably one of the most unhip people I’ve ever met.”

Handler’s ex, 50 Cent, even showed up.

And as if all of that wouldn’t have been enough, Miley Cyrus performed Roy Orbison’s “It’s Over,” and then a salty all-star singalong commenced, which featured an eclectic choir including Gwen Stefani, Alanis Morissette, Gerard Butler, Dave Grohl, Tim Allen, and many others.

You can keep up with the exciting developments in Chelsea’s career, follow her social pages, learn where to buy her New York Times best-selling book, Uganda Be Kidding, and much more, all from the one-stop convenience of her PeekYou profile (which you can access by clicking her highlighted name above).