WWE Raw: Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns destroyed by Braun Strowman

Mick Foley tried to stop the destruction by Braun Strowman, but didn’t have much luck on Monday night.


Twenty-four hours after a decent Roadblock: End of the Line pay-per-view, the superstars of Raw headed to Columbus, Ohio in the Schottenstein Center on the campus of Ohio State University for Monday Night Raw. What’s next for the WWE Universal Championship? And what would the holiday edition of Raw have in store for the WWE Universe as we head to the Royal Rumble?

Let’s find out.

Raw’s Royal Rumble main event made official

The show opened with the WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens and his still best friend forever, Chris Jericho, in the ring. Jericho said it pained him to give Owens The Codebreaker at Roadblock: End of the Line in order to have Roman Reigns disqualified so Owens could keep the championship. He then promptly put Santa Claus on The List, causing the Raw general manager to make his way to the ring.

And Mick Foley took care of some business. He booked Owens and Jericho in a tag team match in the main event against Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. He also booked a rematch between Owens and Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship for the Royal Rumble next month in San Antonio. But he made sure to handle any possible Jericho interference, putting him in a shark cage hanging high above the ring.

If Jericho refused to go into the cage for the match, Foley said he’d essentially fire him. He then demonstrated how it worked, locking Jericho and then raising the cage, much to his dismay.

Main event marred by a monster

Even though the four biggest names on Raw headlined the show in a tag team match, it was someone else who stole the headlines abruptly during Monday’s main event. Hot off a loss [apparently, anyway] to Sami Zayn at Roadblock: End of the Line, BraunStrowman wanted some revenge. He searched for Foley backstage demanding Zayn, “or else.”

It became “or else” for the monster. He destroyed Sin Cara and Titus O’Neil, who were unable to begin their random match in the middle of the program, but Strowman wasn’t done there. He attacked both Reigns and Rollins during the main event and completely dismantled them, sending a clear message to Foley and also cementing his status as one of Raw’s top guys.

A new contender for Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair, now a four-time Women’s Champion in WWE on the main roster, wanted some new competition after defeating Sasha Banks at Roadblock: End of…