When Halloween Meant Something

Michael Meyers
Happy Halloween!  It’s that special day of the year again when one’s thoughts turn to spirits, demons, the evil dead and classic slasher movies.  For a generation of kids that grew up in the 70’s, there was no bigger horror movie than Halloween, directed by John Carpenter.

This movie had it all and on a number of different levels.  Insane from childhood escaped mental patient… check.  William Shatner mask …. check.  Jamie Lee Curtis as the babysitter…. check.  Donald Pleasance… sure why not.. check.  Tense music, memorable music… check.  And great “he’s-still-out-there-ending”…. check.

If you’ve never seen this movie, shame on you.  OnDemand this tonight!  Halloween was one of slasher classics that spawned an entire genre of women-twisting-their-ankles-while-being-chased-by-a-maniac films.  This film is no doubt a treat.