What am I allowed to do with Daniel’s music?

Hey so, turns out copyright law is a fickle thing! If you’ve clicked on this, you probably have been wondering if you’re allowed to use my music in your youtube video or your twitch stream or whatever other video service there is.

Well, so, here’s the permissions I’mma lay out to ya:

  • You CAN use my music on your video/stream
  • You CAN monetize your video/stream
  • You CANNOT upload all my music as-is, monetize it and make money off of streaming all my music. This means you have to put in some creative work, be that a podcast or a video about some game you’re playing or a music video or whatever. Just don’t upload all my music and make money off my work through ads. That’d be SUPER rude
  • You HAVE TO specify that my music is being used. Be that through…