“We Are All Neymar”

While Brazilian soccer superstar, Neymar was absent from the pitch during Tuesday’s World Cup semifinals match against Germany, his likeness was abundantly present.

In honor of the young, and injured player — who suffered a fractured vertebra, after getting kneed in the back on Saturday — a group of Brazilian ad agencies came together and printed 120,000 Neymar masks, in an effort to unify fans. The campaign’s website, which also provides an image of the mask for home printing, explains (translated from Portuguese): “If Neymar can’t get on the field, we will go for him. Make a mask with his photo and put on face for the match. And make another and give to friends. On Tuesday, we’re all Neymar.”

The hashtag #somostodosneymar (translation: We are all Neymar) caught on, and it seems that the frankly sort of creepy mask — of the no doubt handsome player’s visage — may have been seen well beyond the 60,000 in attendance at Estadio Mineirao.

Here’s the mask:

Neymar Mask
And here are some fans wearing Neymar masks (not this one):

Neymar Mask
As the game was an historic blowout, with Germany throttling Brazil 7-1, it seems Brazil may surely have benefited from Neymar’s presence.

And here, some Neymar career highlights: