Watch Yoenis Céspedes Make a Beautiful Throw

Yoenis Cespedes

You will rarely see an outfielder more deftly redeem an error than the Oakland A’s Yoenis Céspedes (PeekYou profile here) did during Tuesday night’s game against the Angels.

In the eighth inning, with the Angels‘ Howie Kendrick on first base, outfielder Mike Trout hit a double to left field and to Céspedes. The ball got away from Céspedes, tipping off his glove and rolling down the left field line toward the wall. An emboldened Kendrick took off, rounding third and going for home. At which point, as you’ll see in the video below, Céspedes retrieved the ball and flawlessly rocketed it to home — and practically straight into catcher Derek Norris’ mitt — in advance of Kendrick.

Angels Tweet

Even the non-baseball fans among us can appreciate this.