Watch How Moonlight And Mahershala Ali Built One Of The Movie’s Greatest Characters

When the dust finally settles on last night’s little kerfuffle at end of the Oscars, the lasting legacy of both La La Land and the eventual Best Picture winner Moonlight will be that they are two tremendous films. One of the cornerstones to the tremendous success of Moonlight was the performance of Mahershala Ali as Juan during the opening segment of the film entitled “Little.” Mahershala Ali’s portrayal was deemed so impressive that he even won the Best Supporting Actor accolade at the Academy Awards on Sunday night, and CinemaBlend has now been provided an exclusive clip from Moonlight’s DVD that details how the character was built.

You’ll be able to learn even more about Moonlight, as well as being able to repeatedly watch it, when the DVD for the film is finally released on Tuesday February 28.

If it’s full of further tidbits like the above, which I’m almost certain it will be, then the addition of Moonlight to your DVD shelf will be a must, too. It also helps that Moonlight is truly an astounding piece of…