Watch Dogs Playing in the Snow, Like You Know You Want to Do



This is one of those “simple, dog-oriented pleasures” entries. The above vid — which, while a few days old, is still making the viral rounds — comes from Kalamazoo, Michigan‘s doggy daycare establishment, Camp Fido (for which we’ve got a special PeekYou profile here).

Michigan was particularly hard-hit by last week’s polar vortex — creating conditions unfit for either man or dog — and this video shows a bunch of Camp Fido’s patrons getting to romp and frolic for the first time in a couple of days.

So yes, it’s just a video of dogs playing in the snow. Don’t act, though, like you don’t enjoy that sort of thing.

A visit to Camp Fido’s PeekYou profile will lead you to their social pages, websites, other videos of pooches prancing, and more.