Watch As this Weatherman Predicts Certain Damnation (But At Least it’s a Dry Heat)

Cory McCloskey
There are no two ways about it, Arizona is a state widely recognized for its, at times, extraordinarily high temperatures.

But during a recent broadcast, Phoenix weatherman Cory McCloskey found himself greeted by a weather map predicting a level of torridness unendurable by any man or beast.

A technical glitch found the 14-year veteran of Phoenix’s FOX 10 News facing temperature predictions in excess of 1,000 and even 2,000 degrees fahrenheit (as Cory rightly points out, steel melts at around 2500°F). McCloskey hilariously rolled with the information he was given, making the best of the blunder, and imploring the residents of the affected regions to evacuate lest they meet their certain dooms.

Cory’s quick wit and good-humored response has proved to be the stuff of viral video gold. Check it out for yourself below, and head over to Cory’s PeekYou profile — accessible by clicking his highlighted name above — to investigate further videos, as well as his social pages, and much more.