Watch as These Kids Have to Reckon with a Walkman

Kids React - Walkman
Benny Fine (PeekYou profile here) and Rafi Fine (PeekYou profile here) are collectively and professionally known as The Fine Bros., and they are the owners of the extremely popular YouTube channel that bears this fraternal moniker.

Their Kids React and Teens React (and Cats React, etc.) videos routinely go viral; depicting, as they do, folks contending with things — technologies, fashions, music, etc, — which are from outside of their demographic group’s specific realm of experience.

The clip blazing across the ether at the moment shows us an unusually photogenic, and seemingly brighter than average, group of today’s youths, forced to reckon with a comically archaic and obsolete bit of once state-of-the-art technology; the Sony Walkman, portable cassette player.

It is genuinely pleasurable to watch these kids wrestle with this cumbersome and unintuitive beast of a thing (as it now seems in hindsight), as they have explained to them how it works, and the shocking $200 sticker price that it carried 30 years ago.

Check it out, and then visit the Fine Bros. PeekYou profiles for boatloads more media like it, strewn across the entire social media landscape.