Video of Three Orphaned Black Bear Cubs

bear cub
You’re currently on the Internet, and therefore by law you love videos of cute animals. We’re an Internet content-provider, and are pretty much duty-bound to bring such videos to your attention (and do so below).

While we make light, in truth the story with these three inconceivably adorable black bear cubs — in the care of the Oregon Zoo (special PeekYou profile here) — is a bit heartbreaking.

The cubs, one male and two females, were discovered in a hollow log, by a logging crew. Concerned that they may have been responsible for scaring the mother away from her den, the loggers called the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, who in turn brought the cubs to the zoo.

You can read more about it all, and find out what’s next for these orphaned cubs here.

A visit to the special PeekYou profile we’ve set up for the Oregon Zoo will provide you with links aplenty to many other videos, plus photos, social pages, and more.