Video of the New NYC Guitar Center Will Startle and Aggravate

Guitar Center
New York City has long had a vibrant and thriving relationship with the cutting edge and avant garde; in art, theater, and music. One of the last places in the city you’d expect to see this experimentalism in full flower, however, is the brand new Guitar Center location in Times Square.

This groundbreaking venture into large-ensemble free-form noise, viewable below, was probably accidental. If one could break it down to its base elements they’d likely discover assorted renditions of “Crazy Train” and “Enter Sandman”, peppered with a variety of pentatonic scales, all played in varying times and keys.

Taken as a whole, however, it’s… Well, it’s something (the brief, startling video’s YouTube description “36 seconds of hell on earth” is not too far off).

They may have cleaned up the neighborhood from its debauched 70s nadir, but Guitar Center provides an aural analog for those who long for those gritty, “Taxi Driver” days.