Valerie Fairman’s Ex Reveals His Desperate Attempt to Save Her and Get Her into Rehab

Prior to her death, Valerie Fairman struggled with substance abuse for years following her stint on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, but she wasn’t alone — her ex David Pryce says he tried desperately to help get her back on the right path.

“I sent her to rehab one time,” Pryce tells PEOPLE. “She was trying to be clean, but one time I came home and she was lying on the couch passed out with a cigarette burning, that was it [for me]. We wouldn’t have a place to live if she [had] burnt the house down.”

“She went in for a 28-day program, but then she ended up moving in with her sister after that. She’s been on and off ever since. It’s just a shame,” he adds.

On Wednesday, Fairman was found unresponsive inside a locked bathroom at a friend’s house,…