Trump-dominated SNL showdown features ‘complicit’ Ivanka Trump, ‘racist’ dog, ‘distracted’ Jeff Sessions

Scarlett Johansson's
Scarlett Johansson’s “racist” dog called President Trump “my man.”

The Saturday Night Live crew took on President Trump, his family, his Cabinet members and even one of his canine supporters in this week’s politics-packed episode.

Award-winning actress Scarlett Johansson hosted the mudslinging showdown and kicked off the night by shoulder-checking Trump in a particularly experimental skit.

The “Lost in Translation” actress, joined by a team of two scientists, showed a panel of judges that they had developed a technology that enabled Johannsson’s dog to talk.

“Okay, Max, this is it: speak,” Johansson told the dog, which wore a futuristic-looking headpiece.

“Hi, I’m Max. It’s me Max. I like to play ball, I like purple ball in the window,” the dog said to the great astonishment of the judges.

“What else do you like?” Johansson asked her pup enthusiastically.

Suddenly a dark cloud rolled in over the laboratory.

Scarlett Johansson, as Ivanka Trump, is
Scarlett Johansson, as Ivanka Trump, is “Complicit.”

“I like Trump, he’s my man,” the dog sad to gasps from the judges. “Donald Trump is the President; he carried the Electoral College fair and square.”

“One big change is better than business as usual,” the Trump-loving pooch added.

“Your dog is a monster,” one of the flabbergasted judges exclaimed.

Johansson tried to explain away her dog’s Trump-supporting ways, telling the judges that Max is just an animal who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

“That’s just the condescending attitude that made people want to vote for Trump in the first place,” the dog fired.

“But Trump is a racist,” Johansson pleaded. “What about his record on women’s rights?”

“She’s beautiful, she’s powerful — she’s complicit.
“She’s beautiful, she’s powerful — she’s complicit.”

“You didn’t afford me a choice when you cut off my balls,” the presumably neutered dog responded. “You just assume that as a Trump supporter I’m a xenophobic racist.”

One judge was tipped off the edge by the comment and announced that she was…