Triple H Brawls with Seth Rollins After the Game Rips Mick Foley on WWE Raw


Triple H saw several levels of his past catch up to him in a busy appearance on Raw Monday night.

He first rushed to defend Raw commissioner and wife Stephanie McMaho after Raw general manager Mick Foley tried to fire her. The Game would tell Foley to tuck his tail between his legs and go away, or he would take away jobs from Foley’s children.

This resulted in a Mr. Socko to Triple H, via WWE:

Seth Rollins then used this tense moment to show up, dropping his crutches and getting several shots in on Triple H in a back and forth brawl. However, ultimately The Game got the better of him in the end.

WWE captured the kneebar that did in Rollins:

After Raw went off air, WWE shared footage of a hobbled Rollins trying to exit the arena:

Prior to Triple H’s appearance on Raw, one of his last big moments came when he screwed Rollins out of the Universal Championship on the Aug. 29 episode of Raw.

Finn Balor had vacated the universal title due to injury, which set the stage for an elimination Fatal 4-Way between Rollins, Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns and Big Cass to determine the new champ.

After hitting Reigns with a Pedigree, The King of Kings seemed poised to do the same to Owens and hand the championship to Rollins on a silver platter, but Triple H instead turned on his former protege and solidified KO as the new universal titleholder.

Rollins continued his pursuit of the Universal Championship after that but kept Triple H’s betrayal in the back…