Top PeekYou Profile: Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski
You may know her as “the woman from the ‘Blurred Lines’ video,” or as Tasha from iCarly, or as one of the models in the newest Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. But we here know her as one of this week’s top viewed and searched for PeekYou profiles, and her name — no matter how you know her, or even if you don’t know her at all — is Emily Ratajkowski (PeekYou profile here).

Emily is British born, and becoming increasingly more famous every day, it seems. She’s also in recent times being paid increasingly larger and larger sums of cash both for currently being, and to continue being, very, very good looking (or so we assume). But, in addition to her modeling career, she is also an actress, and is one of the stars of David Fincher’s upcoming flick, Gone Girl.

There’s surely a great deal more to know about her, and her PeekYou profile will answer all questions you might have; providing, as it does, links to videos, photos, articles, interviews, social pages, professional pages, and much, much more.