Tom Mabe’s Epic Don’t Drink and Drive Prank



Tom Mabe (PeekYou profile here), is a popular YouTuber who bills himself as a “clean corporate comedian.” We’ve featured him in here before, with a prank that involved the very Spectre of Death itself swooping from the skies, and yet it was only half as dark as the prank in the video above. This time, however, there is a point to it all.

We don’t make it our business to judge the veracity of the videos we see — being more concerned with sharing of their entertainment and viral qualities, as we are — but this does play as a legit prank, and as such it’s one with a fairly poignant message. While we’re not sure the prank’s subject got it, hopefully many of those who’ve viewed the clip over 750,000 times in the past day have.

A visit to Tom’s PeekYou profile, at the link above, will lead you to his various social pages, and to many more videos, of many more pranks (most of which are a fair deal more lighthearted). Check it out.