Today is World Elephant Day

World Elephant Day
Today marks the fourth annual World Elephant Day, created to raise awareness of the hardships endured by Asian and African elephants, and the urgent need for action in response.

From the official World Elephant Day site comes this summary:

The escalation of poaching, habitat loss, human-elephant conflict and mistreatment in captivity are just some of the threats to both African and Asian elephants. Working towards better protection for wild elephants, improving enforcement policies to prevent the illegal poaching and trade of ivory, conserving elephant habitats, better treatment for captive elephants and, when appropriate, reintroducing captive elephants into natural, protected sanctuaries are the goals that numerous elephant conservation organizations are focusing on around the world.

You can visit a special PeekYou page we have set up for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust by clicking here. The Sheldrick Trust is especially focused on ending elephant poaching in Kenya, and throughout Africa.

The amusing video below shows you some of these beautiful, magnificent creatures frolicking and romping, and then provides a link you can click to donate to the cause.