These Guys Made a Car out of Lego, Which Runs On Air



The above video demonstrates the fruits of a project dubbed by its creators, Super Awesome Micro Project. What is it? Well, as this entry’s subject line promises, it’s “a car made of Lego, that drives, has an engine made from Lego which runs on air. (wheels and some load bearing elements are non-Lego)”

The pair behind this endeavor are an Australian entrepreneur named Steve Sammartino (PeekYou profile here), and a 20 year old tech wunderkind from Romania, named Raul Oaida (PeekYou profile here).

You can learn more about this project, how Steve and Raul came to meet online, how they funded the thing, and why they did it at all, at the project’s dedicated site here. And visits to their respective PeekYou profiles will give you the opportunity to see the many other endeavors with which they’ve previously involved themselves, including Raul’s Lego Space Shuttle (yup).