The Walking Dead Recap With Spoilers: Say Yes

The sun rises in the woods. Rick and Michonne raid different areas, houses, and hideouts for supplies. They round up cans and boxes of supplies. At night, they get it on in the back of a van. The next day, Rick looks at a map by a campfire and they plan the day before going out to hunt for supplies, specifically, guns for the Scavengers. Michonne finds cash and shoves it aside.

Walking through the woods, Rick is a little pessimistic about what they’ve found but Michonne is content with their progress. They hear something and see Saviors golfing in the distance, complaining about hearing about Fat Joey. They steal their batteries and pretzels before hitting the road.

Michonne tells Rick that it’s been two days and they need to get back. Rick insists they put in a day and a half more effort. She says they’re okay and don’t have to find the guns right now but he insists on “just a little more.” She ultimately agrees.

The opening credits roll.

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In the Safe-Zone, Rosita picks her stitches off in a mirror. Tara was coming over to help but Rosita says she is already done. Tara was eager to use skills Denise had taught to her. Rosita is pessimistic and insists they’re not going to have luck finding “that many” guns without acting urgently. Tara says they’ll find them and fight. She suggests Rosita save her rage for the Saviors and offers medical supplies to help Rosita’s scar but Rosita rejects and heads off to find guns.

In the van, Rick sleeps against the window as Michonne drives. She parks in the woods and prepares water at a campfire but comes upon a deer. Grabbing her silenced pistol from the van, she wakes Rick accidentally but heads back to hunt. Rick follows her but doesn’t see anything. She tells him it was a deer and they head after it because he “owed” her a deer, reminding her of handing the other one over to Negan. They see something.

Rick and Michonne approach a fence together and a walker’s shadow passes on the tarp hanging from it. It’s a soldier with a gun in its backpack. They get inside and find shell casing of big bullets. They conclude that something serious happened here a long time ago. The explore the area.

Rosita explores elsewhere. She comes upon a house with its door open and sees a gun on the floor at the door. A horrifying walker steps out and she slashes its throat twice before cutting its head. After killing the walker, she sees the gun on the floor is a BB-gun.

Rick and Michonne explore the rooftop of the school and come upon a carnival which was set up around back. They determine there was a fight here and the leftover guns are exactly what they were looking for. Michonne shoots at one of the carnival games with her rifle and they share a laugh when she hits the bottle. Shortly after, the roof collapses and they fall through.

The couple shares a laugh on the ground level and Michonne insists this is a sign. Rick looks forward and sees boxes of food labeled, “Ready to eat.” Michonne smiles and suggests they eat it. The sun goes down on the school.

In the Alexandria church, Rosita enters and tells Gabriel she didn’t find any guns. She tells him, “I had a gun. I was gonna use it to kill Negan.” She changed her plan, though. If she had followed through, Eugene would be here and Olivia and Spencer would still be alive. “I was stupid enough to listen to you,” she tells Gabriel, indicating that she missed her shot…