The Various Digital Footprints of James Bond

Many of us have a favorite James Bond film, and perhaps even more of us have a favorite James Bond.

It’s not our place to comment on the snazziness of the respective Bondses’ sportscars or tuxes, nor the handiness of the various Bondses’ gadgets. It is our business, however, to see which Bond has the largest “digital footprint,” or most pronounced presence in cyberspace, as measured by our PeekScore scale.

So, we here at the PeekYou blog have decided to compare the “digital footprints” of the six actors who have played Ian Flemming’s superspy, 007, in Cubby Broccoli‘s ongoing series of films.

Rank Picture Name Major Bond Flick PeekScore

Daniel Craig Casino Royale 9.32 / 10.00

Pierce Brosnan Goldeneye 9.11 / 10.00

Sean Connery Goldfinger 9.04 / 10.00

Roger Moore Live and Let Die 8.69 / 10.00

Timothy Dalton The Living Daylights 8.24 / 10.00

George Lazenby On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 8.04 / 10.00