The True Meaning of Halloween (and PeekYou’s City Search)

Halloween is coming, and that means a few subjects dominate the imaginations of all those not dead inside; ghoulies and pumpkins and costumes are prominent among them, of course. The most distracting of all seasonal concerns, though, is candy. Sweet, delicious, bad for you candy.

USA Today ran a story this weekend (which you can read here), informing we good citizens of the United States of which Halloween candy is the most popular. According to their findings, the reliably awesome Reese’s peanut butter and chocolate candies lead the industry during the season.

H.B. Resse, the man to first concoct the heavenly confection that is the peanut butter cup, is long deceased, but the town in which he first employed his genius to improve life upon the planet — by mixing chocolate and peanut butter, as he did — still stands as the nation’s candy capitol.

You can use PeekYou to do a search among the good citizens of Reese’s hometown, Hershey, Pennsylvania, here. Or if perhaps a different city better suits your needs, you can search that one instead. Then, you can narrow your search results by age, gender, profession, school, and of course by name. We make no guarantees of candy, but you may just find a long lost friend or loved one.