The Trailer for 2015’s Peanuts Flick Has Hit the Web

Lucy, Charlie, and the football
A full-length, holiday-friendly trailer for Blue Sky Studios‘ upcoming flick, featuring Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the rest of Charles M. Schulz‘s immortal Peanuts gang has hit the Web, and the Web is accordingly buzzing.

In the works since 2012, and overseen by Bridesmaids director, Paul Feig, in a supervisory producer capacity, the script counts Schulz’s son, Craig, among its three screenwriters. Horton Hears a Who‘s Steve Martino is directing.

CGI Peanuts

Schulz’s presence — in the form and likeness of his characters, and beyond — can be felt all throughout the World Wide Web. A visit to his PeekYou profile, accessible by clicking his highlighted name above, will provide a chance to explore the numerous cyber-recesses and cubbyholes where you’ll find videos, articles, interviews, and — on many occasions, and best of all — the very comic strips from whence all the rest of the hubbub comes.

The film is set to be hitting theaters Christmas 2015, and given the names involved we’re optimistic not just for its success, for its quality and faithfulness to its masterful source.

Here’s the trailer: