The Referees of Super Bowl XLVIII

70s referee
Here’s a straightforward, Super Bowl related list for you, the dedicated PeekYou blog readers (and passersby alike); below, we offer you a PeekScore list of the Big Game’s officials.

Sayeth Wikipedia, “The NFL’s highest-rated official at each position is selected to work the Super Bowl. This is determined by the league using an evaluation system to grade each official’s calls during the year. However, only officials who have worked in the league for at least five seasons and have previously worked during the playoffs are eligible to officiate in a Super Bowl.”

So, you know, that’s the deal with these guys; they not only wield an enormous amount of influence over the outcome of the year’s most viewed telecast, they’re esteeemed. We here at PeekYou would be ill-qualified to evaluate these men on the NFL’s terms, but we can surely quantify and compare their online prominence, influence, presence, and activity — measured by our lovely PeekScore scale — and we’ve done so below.

Rank Picture Name Position Current PeekScore

Terry McAulay Referee 7.01 / 10.00

Carl Paganelli Umpire 7.00 / 10.00

Steve Freeman Back Judge 5.21 / 10.00

Dave Wyant Side Judge 5.04 / 10.00

Jim Mello Head Linesman 5.02 / 10.00

Tom Symonette Line Judge 5.00 / 10.00

Scott Steenson Field Judge 5.00 / 10.00