The PeekScores of the ‘Top 10 Male Models of All Time’

Male Models
While unlike their female counterparts, male models usually do not become household names, the most successful among them do all the same become ubiquitous (and invariably high-cheekboned) faces throughout our culture.

Back at the time of the notorious September issue of Vogue last year, the fashion media giant posted a list online of the ten gentlemen of pulchritudinous mug and sculpted gut they unambiguously described as The Top 10 Male Models of All Time.

The criteria employed was not clear, but as many would consider them an authority on such things, we’ll go ahead and defer. These are all gents with multiple major campaigns and numerous magazine covers in their portfolios, and no doubt gajillions of bucks in their back accounts. Vogue says “top 10,” who are we to argue?

“So where on Earth, PeekYou, do you come in?”

Good question, PeekYou blog reader. As we do, we’ve taken these 10 victors of the genetic lottery and put them through their PeekScore paces; seeing how things shake out, and exploring how far all that comeliness carries one when it comes to measurements of online breadth, presence, activity, and influence.

Clicking on the items in the list below will lead you to the corresponding model’s PeekYou profile; from where you’ll be led to homepages, agency pages, social pages, videos, articles, and thousands of photos of excellent haircuts, six pack abs, well-tailored suits, and pretentious haute couture.

Rank Picture Name . PeekScore

Tyson Beckford . 8.13 / 10.00

David Gandy . 7.64 / 10.00

Jon Kortajarena . 7.38 / 10.00

Noah Mills . 7.28 / 10.00

Sean O’Pry . 7.26 / 10.00

Marcus Schenkenberg . 7.18 / 10.00

Mathias Lauridsen . 7.16 / 10.00

Evandro Soldati . 7.14 / 10.00

Mark Vanderloo . 7.09 / 10.00

Brad Koenig . 7.08 / 10.00