The PeekScores of the Living U.K. Prime Ministers

Blair and Cameron
Quite straightforwardly, here we’re looking at the PeekScores of the living British Prime Ministers; those individuals still walking the Earth who at one time headed up the government of the United States’ closest ally.

We’re comparing not their effectiveness as statesmen, nor their popularity while serving, but instead their current presences and impacts here in cyberspace/

The current PM quite comfortably leads the pack, which surprised us a bit as we thought this list’s runner up might be on top.

Clicking through the list’s items will lead you to the corresponding gentleman’s PeekYou profile, from where you can explore the best of what the Web has to share of his life and career.

Rank Picture Name Tenure PeekScore

David Cameron 2010 – Present 9.74 / 10.00

Tony Blair 1997 – 2007 8.88 / 10.00

Gordon Brown 2007 – 2010 8.29 / 10.00

John Major 1990 – 1997 7.99 / 10.00