The PeekScores of Super Bowl XLVIII’s Announcers

Fox Sports football crew
Love ’em or not — and we’re not suggesting you don’t love ’em, just that it’s immaterial — you’re stuck with ’em for a few hours on Sunday. They’re Fox Sports’ Super Bowl XLVIII broadcast team, and we’ve decided it a fine idea to give ’em a good, old-fashioned PeekScorin’.

The below results are a bit surprising, but illustrate well that this PeekScore thing is about online prominence and impact, and not necessarily fame or notoriety in the flesh and blood world.

Clicking through the items of the list below will lead you to these announcers’ PeekYou profiles; where you’ll find videos, photos, articles upon articles, social pages, and much more.

Rank Picture Name Function Current PeekScore

Erin Andrews Sideline Reporting 8.37 / 10.00

Troy Aikman Analysis 8.22 / 10.00

Joe Buck Play By Play 8.01 / 10.00

Pam Oliver Sideline Reporting 7.82 / 10.00