The PeekScores of One Direction

It had to come to this eventually. The Internet loves nothing more than it loves this kind of thing, and nothing on Earth right now is more “this kind of thing” than British pop singing group One Direction.

They are, for the pop machine’s crucial demographic — all exploding hormones and expendable income, as they are (nothing personal, girls) — this moment’s beesiest kneesiest

While all five of these lads are insanely famous at the moment — each with well in excess of 10 million followers on Twitter, and each new day finding at least one of them trending throughout cyberspace — there are gradations to their varying online prominences. Below, we break it down using our PeekScore scale, and show you which of these adored young crooners has been making the greatest impact here on the Web, and how he compares to the rest. Also, click on through the items on the list, and visit their PeekYou profiles, where you’ll find links to all sorts of fun stuff.

Rank Picture Name Which One? PeekScore

Harry Styles The Most Famous One 9.50 / 10.00

Zayn Malik The Quiet One 9.16 / 10.00

Niall Horan The Blonde One 9.14 / 10.00

Louis Tomlinson The Talkative One 9.05 / 10.00

Liam Payne The Mature One 9.05 / 10.00