The Latest Installment of the Matt Lauer / Ellen Prank War

Lauer and Ellen
As many reading this may already know, a prank war has been going on between Ellen DeGeneres and The Today Show‘s Matt Lauer for a few weeks now.

Basically, the whole thing started on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. During Today‘s Fifty Shades of Grey week last month, Ellen and her staff took to doctoring Today video, and altering Lauer’s appearance in clips where he’s interviewing Shade stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. A hint of what precisely they insinuated with these changes can be seen in the photo at the top of this entry.

Broadening her focus from just Lauer, Today‘s beloved weatherman, the irrepressible Al Roker, was also reimagined in a Fifty Shade inspired wardrobe.

The video doctoring and photoshopping gags continued, even as Lauer relented and appeared on Ellen’s program.

Last week Matt finally delivered to Ms. Degeneres something of a showbiz comeuppance, in the form of 20,000 ping pong balls stuffed into the inside of her Porsche. This can be seen in the clip below.

Ellen’s retaliated already, and the whole wacky sequence of events is reviewed and recounted — complete with clips — here.

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