The Jay-Z / Solange Knowles Matter

Bey and Jay and Solange
By now you may be well aware of the elevator security footage — shot after May 5th’s Met Gala, in New York City — which shows singer Solange Knowles in an altercation with her brother-in-law, rapper Jay-Z (PeekYou profile here).

UPDATE: Now it seems that Jay-Z and Solange were seen jewelry shopping together. So, whatever.

Now we resume with the earlier posted entry…

If you’re not familiar, a visit to Jay’s PeekYou profile will likely set you straight quickly.

FOX reports here that the apparent tensions on display in the video, which went viral like pink-eye on Monday, are nothing new. A source described the clip as “no great surprise,” adding that tensions between popular singer Solange, Jay-Z, and Solange’s even much more popular sister, Beyoncé (PeekYou profile here), have boiled over on many occasions over the years, over minor disagreements.

Speculation is running rampant over why things got so heated between the two, but when it comes to siblings and in-laws, and all of that, I believe most of us know full-well, it could have been about almost anything.

Elle proposes here that the whole thing is not any kind of laughing matter. Time suggests that the bad blood may run a little deeper. We don’t know about that, or if it’s a laughing matter or not, but we do know that it’s none of our darned business.

We’ve not risen above it, of course, as we’re blogging about it, in a decidedly hollow and uninformative way; but the least we can do is not post the video in question. Instead, we give you Solange’s excellent 2012 single, “Losing You.”

Visits to all the relevant PeekYou profiles linked to above will lead you to mountains of articles about this, and countless other facets of the lives and careers of these fabulous, squabbling folks.