The ‘iOS Autocomplete Song’ Lets Us Know What Machines Think

Jonathan Mann
Jonathan Mann is a popular YouTube user who has been uploading an entirely new, original song every day for nearly six years. iOS 8 Quicktype is what Apple calls its new mobile operating system’s predictive text functionality.

What happens when these two seemingly disparate forces meet is, as it turns out, pure gold.

Song number 2,110 in Jonathan’s staggeringly prolific YouTube repertoire is a little ditty he’s named, straightforwardly enough, “iOS Autocomplete Song.”

Using iOS 8‘s QuickType engine — intended to aid Apple mobile users in texting more quickly, by predicting what they’ll type next — Jonathan used the function’s curious word choices to inspire the tune’s stream-of-computer-consciousness, non-sequitur-laden yet strangely poetic lyric.

He just opened up the Notes app, and as you’ll see below, he then just more or less then let autocomplete compose the rest.

You can learn more about Apple and Jonathan by clicking their highlighted names above, and you can learn more about Quicktype here.