The Halftime Performers of Super Bowl XLIX

Katy Perry, Missy Elliott, Lenny Kravitz
While in the midst of her incredibly successful Prismatic world tour, 30-year old pop superstar, Katy Perry, will be making a detour to momentarily bring her sass and flash to Arizona’s University of Phoenix stadium, for this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIX halftime show.

A veteran now, who has been in the biz since her teens, Perry all the same admits to being a bit nervous participating in an event of this scale. “Honestly? I feel like I’ve outdreamt my dream,” she recently told ESPN: The Magazine. “I don’t get nervous about much, but I’ll definitely be a little tingly inside that day.”

Tingles seem sympathetic, as last year’s halftime show, featuring Bruno Mars and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, is said to have been peeped by over 115 million viewers.

Joining Katy for the inevitable spectacle are soulful rocker Lenny Kravitz and hip-hop legend Missy Elliott.

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